Project Nic is currently caring for over 250 orphans. $467 supports one child for a whole year. That includes food, shelter, clothes, education, and the good news. We need your help in order to continue caring for each of the orphans as well as new children that come into our care. For just $39 per month you can support one child, and through our partnership with Orphans Hope World Mission your donation will be matched dollar for dollar so that another child is cared for as well. You can donate by a one time gift or a repeated donation. Click the link below or mail in a check to

100 E Pearl St., Harrisonville, Missouri 64701.


This is Mark. He is one of the many children who live in our shelter in China. Some children are not valued and Mark has Down syndrome, which made him expendable to his parents. One day some men were walking by a garbage can and that's where they found Mark. He had been thrown away with the trash. The men took him to Pastor Leu, who took him in and cared for him. Mark is now a happy, loving four year old who enjoys playing outside with his friends at the shelter. Since he was discarded, no one knows his real name or his birthday. Because of this, he doesn't have any form of identification. But, the Father knows Mark and He loves him.