On April 8, 2012, we opened our first Project Nic Shelter in China with around 10 kids. Since then, we have opened four new shelters in Southeast Asia supporting more than 175 kids. To these children who are culturally viewed as insignificant and unwanted, we have been given the opportunity to provide food, shelter, clothing, education, medical care, and the Good News that they are loved.


We currently care for and share Jesus with 22 children in our China Shelter, 115 in our two Myanmar shelters, 31 in India, and 6 in Kathmandu. Your continued prayers and support help make this possible.

​How You Can Help...

The children supported by Project Nic come from many backgrounds including war, HIV/AIDS, and prostitution. Now, in 2019 with more than 175 kids and growing, we are seeking support from people like you to continue on in the mission of declaring God’s greatness to these kids as well as providing them with food, shelter, education, and medical care. The cost to support one child is only $444 per year, or $37 per month. And for each child that is supported through Project Nic, Orphan’s Hope World Mission will match your donation to support anther child. 

The newest Project Nic shelter is in Kathmandu, Nepal. After the major earthquake in 2015, nearly 9,000 Nepalese people were killed and more than 600,000 homes were destroyed. This left many children as orphans in need of shelter, food, care, and hope. This new shelter, with construction completed just a few months ago currently serves 6 children.

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